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The Augane are a wise and patent species, speaking clearly and respectfully in much the same manner the Narsoo do. As such the Augane and Narsoo are known for their good relations.

They once had many different religions including the belief of a single One God, but today much of this has melded with other religions and most believe in the concept of ancestral spirits rather than any actual gods or goddesses, at least from a partly scientific view of what they refer to as “soul vibrations”.

Augane are family-orientated and take such pride and time in choosing a perfect match. Nothing is more important than a stable marriage in their eyes, as marriage equals a family, and a good family grows strong and adds something precious to society.

Augane males spend an inordinate amount of time looking for suitable partners, and when they do must think about working together. Of course there is a lot of love; they are also realists who look in to every possibility.

Some see them as solely driven by logic and do not feel love, when they simply don't wear their hearts on their sleeves. They don't tend to display public affection which drives some to think they have no emotion at all when they have just as much as any other species, in fact in privet are rumoured to reveal their true passionate and emotional sides.

Although they do have art and music forms, this too is said to be only acceptable to view in privet; this is simply their culture and Augane have no problem with this, despite what other more liberal and emotionally open species might have to say about their world.
The Augane have a three-stage wedding system to make sure they create the perfect match:
The first stage is not much different than 'dating' someone, although some families practice first-stage wedding vows upon a first date which would automatically start the process. Once this is started they are to practice commitment and respect. If they do not 'synch' this stage can be aborted and the two respectfully split up.

The second stage vows are a little more serious, and entitle each Augane to some light legality, including community service or a short time in jail if one partner should be unfaithful. Pulling out of the second stage is allowed but is seen as disrespectful by many families as it's deeply frowned upon; this also means more work to pull the legal rights.

The third and final stage of marriage is a very big commitment for any Augane and only for those who are deadly serious about becoming a fully integrated family. Divorcing a partner at this stage is impossible and illegal and can end up, in some cases with decades in prison and a heavy fine on family members. Being unfaithful in the third stage has never ever happened and the penalties for this are in fact not known for sure. When a couple are properly married, the female takes the males second name, which is then reversed.

The Augane are ruled by an elective monarchy and when one becomes a member of what is essentially “royalty” (i.e. high-ranking chancellors and ministers and prime-ministers) they are referred to as princes and princesses. When one attains this royal status they take on the Augane version of the letter “e”, so Enau Seroa would become Enau e Seroa.
The Augane have a strict policy on using their shapeshifting ability for criminal purposes and use of it for such is seen as a great insult to the spirits and result in extradition from society, often leading to the individual to leave the planet or worse, be forced to leave.
Curiously the name of their planet is a reversal of their species’ name.

Appearance and Physiology: Augane are an equestrian species of shapeshifters that stand on average up to 7 and a half foot tall. They have a flat, yet clearly equine face and are covered in a very fine soft fur which comes in a range of colours and patterns. Their eyes are covered with a semitransparent white film and develop a series of facial markings around their eyes as they mature. They have cloven hoofed feet and powerful leg-muscles that let them run at over 90 mph, and to sustain their fast metabolism they also have two hearts.
The Augane are best known for their shapeshifting abilities which manifest around the age of 8 or 9, although the actual process of shapeshifting takes many decades of practice and at first can be painful. Excessive usage is known to cause muscle aches and tiredness. At first a young Augane is limited to taking on the appearance of other Augane, often Augane children get in to a lot of trouble pranking one another at this age. Once they mature and reach their teens, the range of their power increases so that they can assume the forms of aliens too. However they are limited in that they cannot add or subtract mass, cannot take on the extremities of non-bipedal aliens such as the Alacasha or nonorganic objects, which includes clothing. Some have, however been known to stretch their bodies to great lengths or become rubber-like or bend and flex in a number of ways that their physical joints do not let them do.

Technology: The Augane are only a little more advanced than Humans are and have a H15 hyperdrive mark. They build slender red starships.

History: The Augane were visited a number of times by the Zeltura in their past, but their ability to shapeshift, although perhaps not as advanced as the likes of the Gly, provided something of a nuisance and the Zeltura quickly lost interest.

The Augane, however had somewhat of a mystical history and the short time the Zeltura occupied the planet may have impacted on their mythology greatly.

The Augane had varied religious beliefs such as Auianasity, the belief that the prophet Auian had talked to the One God and proposed the coming of the Twin Devils, sheltering the believers from their rain of fire. There was also several different takes on this religion. One of the most populace beliefs to the Neuneatic religion (Named after the soothsayer Faei Neune) were similar to Auianasity but without the Auian figure, who was said to be a representation of the similarly named City of Auia (“city of spirits”) that was destroyed by the Two Stars, evil spirits previously locked away by the Ancestors. Curiously there was evidence to suggest that there were twin Gly warlords Lethk and Aelkg who often fought over domination of smaller planets. Eventually, however the Zeltura reportedly grew tired of their bickering and made them kill eachother.
When the Augane began to develop FtL technology they entered a firefight between the Gly and the K'tarn not far from the edge of their solar system, the primitive Augane ship was destroyed and the K'tarn were assigned to protect the planet and make first contact. This sent the population in to a sense of quiet fear, but overall the Augane remained quite calm in the face of a galactic war on their doorstep.

After the Bicentury and Galaxy Wars the Augane were perhaps the first species who did not previously fight in the war to join the newly formed Galactic Confederacy.
The Augane were against Humans joining the confederacy centuries later in the 24th century and believed that the tyrannical Proteus Corporation would end up turning Humans in to a planet of xenophobic warmongers, however thanks to the efforts of the Unity movement led by Bryce Maputo, the Augane were proven wrong.

In 3004 the CRS Starstorm was sent to a small island in the western hemisphere of Enagua to investigate the missing High Priest Taurae, an Augane neo who led the Church of Priesthood with his wife High Priestess Sebrenae. It turned out that Taurae was investigating a sect of the Void Legion that was said to have taken over a relaxation resort.
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