Heracles redesign (pencil) Picture

Exactly what it sounds like. So far so good, I'm digging it for now. I'm especially proud of my idea to have him rip some of that classic 'Muscle fit' Hoplite Armor in half & use it as a belt. I pat myself on the back for that one. Though you, the viewer, probably can't see that at this point. I need to do some minor tweaking, of course, make some adjustments. I think I'm gonna completely redo the club. It's just not working, & as iconic as it is, it would probably help to simplify it. Also in his left hand is going to be his bow, the 'Toxon', I believe it was called. I'm going to try & make it out of the Cerynaian Hinds Golden Antlers. I've tried a couple times already & come to the realization that I actually have no idea what Antlers look like. It's all right, I'll manage. I'll keep Google-ing Antlers all week if I have to until I figure out what I want to do
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