Fafnir Picture

Fafnir Hreidmarson used to be an influent citizen of Nornland, and a major representative of both ecological and pagan reconstrucionism matters inside Nornland, that was acting as a parliamentary monarchy with christianity as a majority. Fafnir was contrary to the sale of the Alfheimr Woods Area for an influent agribusiness figure, Regin, and alongside some "Asgardian" supporters, Fafnir used to occuppy Alfheimr to prevent its appropriation by Regin and his workers.

Things went down as in a day Fafnir was suddenly transformed into a dragon, being denied even by his fellow Asgardians, in what seemed to be a trick by Regin and his minions inside the corruptible kingdom of Nornland. It would be less exquisite, if the day of his transformation wasn't also the day of his marriage. He lost his family, his 'humanity' and was denied a life in that society - cast to live in the cold mountains north from Alfheimr.

In his exile, though, much more answers came to him, as he realized the 'legendary Jötunn' weren't so legendary, and not only were they real, they were playing major roles inside the United Nations.
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