Hunahpu Picture

Hunahpu, son of Hun-Hunahpu and Xquic, the twin brother of Xbalenque, is an important figure in the Mayan K'iché culture and cosmology, with present sources in the Popol Vuh and on other reliefs and monuments.

In the Cuetzpalin mythos, Hunahpu has followed alongside his brother the military path of Hun-Hunahpu inside the ranks of the Cebotec Confederation of Aztlán as an original mean to avenge their father, killed in battle, and make life out of their warrior-like existence. Increasing ranks as the general of the Hunahu troop while on the Topakhon Wars (moment when the Confederation fought Ors Ohorela forces), the uneeded pressure over rebels or neighbor tribes such as the Aluxob from Metnal has made him rebel against the Teteoh whose interests determined the moves of the confederation.

Prior to a failed attempt of destroying the domains of the Teteoh, Hunahpu was exiled in distant plans seeking to find means which could make him able to understand the languages of other species and to extend his lifespan, as a way to find through the tireless search for knowledge the answers for how defeating the gods and the established order. Hunahpu lost an arm in a battle against the Vovin Vucub-Caquix.
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