Dimas character page Picture

So yeah, I'm coming up with this.. RPG idea.. kinda sorta.. something with real-time battles, I dunno. I'm in no position to be making games, but I've got a party of 8 characters and some good ideas.. anyway, this is the leader.. his name is Dimas (took me a while to come up with a name that didn't suck!)
He lives in umm.. some faun village in the woods.. making woodcraft for people.. y'know, he's an honest hardworking young man.. and finds the other fauns to be largely shiftless and.. not for him. He's kind of the classic 'wants to be good and worthwhile and has absolutely nothing on which to base it' character that wants to see the world outside his home and figure things out from there. He built Raku, and.. well, I'll explain that stuff on Raku's character page.
In battle, he uses axes... starting out with a simple one-bladed woodsman's hatchet, and moving on to one-handed, then two-handed battle axes.. and maybe other stuff if I can think of it. Moves consist mostly of cool rotational whatnot to build power. The horns and hooves come in handy too! (aren't polycerate ungulates cool? I almost gave him 6 horns...)
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