Norse God Anime Style Picture

This is a project for English class; create a God/Goddess figure off of a Greek/Roman/Norse one.

I picked to make mine an off of Odin, the God of Vikings. You can tell this by the large hand in the forground (His Left hand) with the Druapir, the Gungnir spear in his right hand, the scar over his right eye, showing the sacrifice of his eye for a drink of the Well of Wisdom, and the bow slung across his back that fires 10 arrows with every pull.

But, to make my character more original, some changes have been made....

The bow is different from Odin's, a craftsman tried to match it with Odin's, but only made it half as strong, only firing 5 arrows every pull. And the ring my character has is one of the copies of Druapir.

Also, the rune on his sheild is the Ansuz (A) which is associated with Aeior, Odin, and wind,

His name is in the lower-right corner, M R I
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