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Bada bing bada boom! As of now, my artwork has hit its Third Generation (actually, that happened way earlier, but this is the first deviation that I've uploaded that is in the Third Generation). Yep, that means all but the newest characters have been or are being revamped! Most of them, anyway... The ones for A New Pokemon are difficult... And this is my first use of eyelids! X3 It gives Drey a bit more of my appearance; most of the time, my eyes have a bit of a laid-back look (instead of being wide open). There is an inaccuracy, though. I drew this picture the same day as I got my haircut, yet I completely forgot to instigate that into my artwork until quite a few drawings after this! But I won't bore you all. Here's a run-down of the info on deviantID number 6!

Left Side:
Yep, there's my penname! Admiral Vincent von Dreyfus III! ^o^ And I'm midway through being a 15 year old boy.

As you can see, though I tried to be general there is a lot on the Likes section. I tried to include things I like in artwork too. Do note that there is nothing listing any female thing. That's just because despite how I am attracted to women and am a feminist, I just don't find most art depicting women to be of interest. The innocence of boys is much easier on the eyes (especially in the anthropomorphic department, in which it seems EVERYBODY HAS BODY PIERCING, WHICH IS SOOOOOO UGLY!). Indeed, I am a Yoshi fanatic. Dr. Seuss is my #1 hero and idol, and Mr. Rogers is closely in 2nd (I realized while I colored this that Dreyfus actually has a look typical in Dr. Seuss' artwork!). I'm CRAZY about okapis (though at times my obsession seems to get unhealthy and disturbing; ~HyperactiveMothMan helped me through the whole thing the first and most major time it got that way, and I am forever indebted to her help). Astronomy and Nature are my favorite subjects. When it comes to humor, as long as it is polite I'm usually alright; if it is slapstick (nods towards Looney Tunes) then I'll probably love it! Being polite and using your manners is something I think we should all practice. Surrealism is my favorite form of art, followed by Anthropomorphism and Fantasy. And speaking of fantasy, my favorite in-human fantasy-type creatures include non-body pierced anthropomorphic boys, merboys (including the whale, dolphin, octopus, seal, etc. variations; females are fine too as long as they are cute and my type), and centaurs of any variation (considering the centaur is innocent looking or interesting to look at). My all-time favorite mythological creatures are Griffins, Centaurs, Dragons, Merboys, Hydras, Hippocampii, and Chimerae (in that order). Dinosaurs and birds are always a favorite of mine when it comes to animals in general. ^_^

My dislikes pretty much says it all.

When I draw, I tend to lean toward Surrealistic, Anthropomorphic, and in some cases fantasy (or whatever genre transforming stuff would be put into) styles of artwork. If you were wondering why it seems I rarely post Surrealistic images, it is because 98% of my surrealistic images are not uploaded, and the whole piles are done on lined paper.

Right Column:
This is easy. First, my best buddies on deviantART.
~LifEternal - Namely, Anti/Nate. He's a great source of counselling with social issues (such as wanting to be paid attention to more, or wanting to know a good way to start a party).
~Raygirl13 - Or Esther. Whatever you prefer. This perky girl from Spain is a source of inspiration and charm, always keeping me in high spirits. What could be better? I'll tell you what: SHE LIKES CHURROS TOO!
~HyperactiveMothMan - Pretty obvious that he'd turn up here. The two of us are very close (no, not like boyfriend-girlfriend; we're like the brothers we never had!). DDSS helped me through my emotional breakdown involving okapis, and for that I am forever thankful. I just love him so much! (I consider him family! Or at least, as much as I can for somebody I've never met, though that may change soon...) ~DaxterD - Just when I thought I'd only ever have two common critics (DDSS and Raygirl), Daxter came along and brightened my day with brilliant storytelling and frequent comments on almost all of my deviations (something only DDSS did in the past). So of course, he soon became considered by me as a close friend indeed! ^_^
`tobyf - If you dislike Toby, you are an idiot. Seriously, Tobias Fischer is the kindest and most polite person I have EVER had the luck of meeting. His artwork was what got me here in the first place, and he saw my through my baby steps in the beginning. He introduced me to Paint.NET, which I have been using ever since. His artwork is cute, inspirational, and extremely enjoyable to look at (Toby the Seal is SO CUTE!)! Toby has rarely been around these days, though. School or something. But I shall wait faithfully for his return!

And now, my MAIN MAIN characters (all good guys):
Fluffy & Teddiursa: - That dynamic duo! Fluffy the Hippo and his adopted son Teddiursa the Moon Bear are always there to save the day! And solve some mysteries too; they're undercover detectives, did ya know?
Dreyfus Vandolin III: - Honestly, who in their right mind would forget Dreyfus? He's in my name! AND he represents me on the internet! Named after his grandfather Dreyfus II, Dreyfus is a therianthrope who commonly takes on a human form; though normally he prefers to go by the term Werefoxdeer. Dreyfus' future wife and son are Wendy Arorua and Matthew Vandolin respectively, and his spiritual ("Monster") brother is Neshae the Vampire.
Billy Bob: - When it comes to stick figures and Surrealism, Billy Bob is champ! First appearing as a placeholder character and then instantly becoming a character himself (an instance similar to Kirby's creation), Billy Bob is laughs all the way!
Thomas Johnston Bombadil: - My first and most prominent anthropomorphic character--an okapi that mirrors my wild side, so to speak. X3 While Dreyfus holds my passive side, Tom holds my occasional active side. He's the "head" of the Animal Trio (the others in it are Simon and Scott). Tom Bombadil is characterized for his trademark outfit, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Gilligan's from Gilligan's Island.
Brandon: - This Indiana Jones-wannabe is one of the newest additions to the team! He's a brachiosaurus-type Polysaur, and parallels Tom as the head of the Dino Trio (the others in it are Peter and Tutenloph).
Victor: - A strange plothole. Two Hyrules exist in my Fantasy Universe--one in the 5th Dimension ("Stick Figure" Link) and one in the real Hyrule. It is in the latter that this young Zora resides, along with his best friend Bottles the Deku.
Marcus: - Conservation extraordinair! An anthropomorphic octopus from Maine, Marcus is my mascot when it comes to things like Earth Day.
Artemis: - Another new character, of which I have yet to upload a deviation of. Artemis is a merboy, plain and simple! Arthur Livingston: - Can't resist dragons? This Native American cliff lake-dwelling dragon boy is just right for you! A deviation has yet to be uploaded of him.
Graham Hopkins: - Yeah, I accidentally forgot him! Graham was a human boy, but was turned into an anthropomorphic Girafarig by a mysterious Game Boy! OH NOES!


Everybody take care now! Let's all enjoy Generation Three!
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