Geneic Experiment 1004 Designs Picture

Edit 6-10-14: Added who I hope is the last major character to this sheet. >.<

Edit 5-4-14: Added a new character, since it's just one and it seems pointless to make another design sheet just for him. Also freshened up Bri and Sapphros' designs and Della's dress, since it suits her better.

Edit 3-9-14: Changed Brinna so that she's Asian (Well, half Asian). Also darkened her hair, just because, and gave her slightly longer hair to hid a barcode at the nape of her neck. Her eyes remain blue because it's part of her genetic experiment, in that they were turning her into a blue eyed blond Caucasian girl, but only got to the eyes before the accident. Also changed her outfit. Its cute.

Edit 1-10-14: Changed the designs, because that the designs didn't really fit with the new idea that I had. I like these ones way better.

I mostly blame callisto-chan for this one. I thought I had it all planned out. I was either going to do Circle of the Flame or In Search of Freedom for my NaNo 2014 story. But then she uploads a picture for her NaNo 14 story idea, which mentions dragon riders. I sort of had fun the past couple of years, keeping with similar themes between out stories, so I thought to myself...'I wish I had a story with dragon riders...OH WAIT, I DO'.

And then this happened.

This is one of those stories that I attempted to change at one point, but am now decided to go back to the roots for. Unlike callisto-chan's story, which is basically a modern fantasy story, mine's actually a sci-fi story disguised as a fantasy story. Or at least it was until I watched something today which gave me major plot ideas, and changed the story significantly.
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