Kitsu And Crow Picture

Yes. The most original names ever. Eh, well, they're part of the Bunny Dude universe so I guess that makes it okay. I mean, Bunny Dude. Seriously. These are actually the 3rd and 4th editions to the universe. There's already been a 2nd. You'll meet her when I reach 3,000 views.

As for bios.... Figure it out yourself. I think the picture says a lot. But I will say that although they are part of the BD universe, they aren't cursed. And they're probably around 500 years old.

I actually had help on this drawing from one of my friends. She's awesome at drawing wings and all that stuff. Sadly, she doesn't have a dA.

All drawings will be in the form of pictures until my scanner decides to stop being stupid.
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