Tooth fairy colored Picture

This is my colored version. I tried to use colors that might be referred to the mouth. Gold and silver for fillings and I'm sure the white, red, and pink are easy to figure out.

These are my version of tooth fairies. They have no real gender variation so what you see can be a male or a female. The hair, belly button, and nipples are only there to make them more appealing to humans so that they can get closer. Their saliva is black so they are blamed for cavities. Their legs make it look like they are wearing shoes but those are actually their feet. Their stingers are designed to numb their victim if they are still alive before they start drilling at the tooth to soften it up to eat. They will gladly scavenge for calcium, especially teeth since humans tend to leave them out. They are usually docile like bumblebees but can get rather aggressive if they are threatened, usually swarming a victim and chomping away.
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