AG Shell Picture

The sketchy out-lines for a character I've created in more than a decade ago.
Ann (full name in Aquaten: Άννα Καλή Ύδατα; rough English Translation: "Annie Good Waters") "Good Waters" (she signs as Ann G. Waters) is one out of two entrepreneurs assisting the admnistration of the "AG Island", a paradisiacal tropical metropolis which promotes culture, art, poetry, theater (all tied to the ancient peoples of the Juventists and Kakists), and ideals of peace, global community, economical prowess and new-age philosophy.
She's also one of the protectors of the Island as "AG Shell" (she can be seen with her helmet, overlooking at the background). A digital coloring of Ann solely is under work. Upcoming in the gallery, she'll receive pretty much a spotlight on her own stories, breaking a bit the traditional agenda.


As an Aquaten, most of the history told in books ties historical value to its people, taking more on the culture of the Juventists, as created by the Aquaten King Apôlô. Raised in modern society, but taught with the values of the Aquatens, and highly inspired by Juventist art on all its forms (poetry, theater, sculpture, even on its ideary and mythology), Ann did find the spotlight many times, including in her school, an International Academy where there study people from all the world and cultures, due its expansive exchanging programs. She used since her early age that one-liner ahistorical view as a manner to take advantage of the concepts inspired on what others believe to be "her culture", and found support on the similar ideas on the Kakist (an sulo-centran native peoples believed to be equals to the Aquatens) girl that would become her confident best friend. Having joined in the Island left as a gift from her parents, both of them managed the Island and its actions, while a third girl (that happened to be the daughter of the Academy's Director) was assured with its defense forces (replacing the Aquaten [but not Juventist] war-monger "Zon"). From this triple joint, they managed to test some special suits and started acting as super heroines. Stylized after a scallop theme, due its Juventist and sea-related ideary, she's found many enemies.

There was a rival in the academy ranks (who happen to be this series' protagonist, a boy protagonist) that gone by the name Aplo (a rather un-used, twisted and less pronounceable version of the name of Ann's aforementioned idol), and he believed to be descendeant of the long, vanished cultures which inhabited a lost archipelago where the rivalling Tintenoikans and Criticazoikans fought until being united by an amphibian, inhuman, biomechanical alien monster named "Aplorak". The reputation through some arcane, apocryphal books (with authorships of Apôlô and his uncle, Ohmpio), is that Apôlô was in fact creator of the Criticazoikan faction (as worshippers of water), and his uncle, his eternal rival, of the Tintenoikans (as worshippers of Fire). They worshipped both sharks and bulls, and are regarded as the main source of Aquaten philosphy to which Apôlô, a poet, would recur to only in his old age. That 'lore' he claimed triggered a rivalry to her monopoly, but that was a harmless one since Aplo, differently of her, was seeking for anything except popularity. She couldn't hide for too much she herself wasn't really into the Juventist values as Aplo were in the so-claimed Tinteno-Criticazoikan ones, all that drove her was love for and ideal figure from the past, whilst him, was based on an ancestry that couldn't even be proved (since the Tinteno-Criticazoikan archipelago has sank some 36 centuries ago), but was a stronger resolve than her own...

Anyway, despite such intriguing stories, she sought to surpass that inferiority complex through battle, and as soon as the AG Island was opened to the world and Zon was disbanded, new villains arose, such as the stupid and useless "Red Bolt" (the speed-based villain running in the image) and the rather macabre and mysterious "Dark Shock" (the strong, masked figure with dark-lightning powers and nazist-inspired sigur runa). To keep on the fight, she was aided by Omega (the armored figure flying over from her direction), who was no other than a younger student from the Academy that under her influence and characteristic "baby-sitting" posture towards him made he develop other feelings for her. These missions across AG Island helped to keep her sound and still, but villains such as Dark Shock proved to know too much about her, and that was a great manner to piss her off. Omega was left injured and her other side-kick (not shown in the image, as Sigma) has mysteriously disappeared. He'd return, years later, though...

If such leak of information had anything to do with the third girl taking care of the Island, or with the former commander Zon sabotaging her, it wasn't proved. But in fact, Zon's life of war crimes were just fully revealed than no other by her long-time rival Aplo. He theorized, though, (and tried to prove it) that Zon was no other but an Angry Aquaten God who plunged the Tinteno-Criticazoikan Archipelago into the deep-sea abyss. He tried to control AG Island, because, in fact, it was one of the islands from the Archipelago that managed to get back to surface. Such unthinkable theory caused fear on Ann, fear of losing her place to some misoriented people claiming to be natives, descendants from such lost people. As the battles against Zon proved he was right, since the Tinteno-Criticazoikans, in the date of their sinking, evolved to water-breathing creatures, many would be the claims of owning the place. The survival of their blood-line in the surface, though, would come by a pack of native pirates, to form the "Apolókhen Culture" years later. Such culture would be the spokesperson of the amphibian people in the surface. She would never trust or accept this, even after witnessing Zon's incredible power. While she trembled at such matters, she was almost fearless and determined to solve the only problem that wasn't fully solved - Dark Shock's mysterious obsession with her. Goons like Red Bolt played some jokes and tried to tease her, but this one was easily defeated. Her own side-kick had some weird admiration for her, but that did end up in him getting distracted of the battle many times. Dark Shock, however, was strangely cold and dank, and his approach to her was more related to a battle-experience. Torn between such issues in her common life and her "alter-ego", she'd find some rest, knowing she could always count on her friends...
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