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full body: [link]
Name: Daniel (no middle name) Abbot. Call him danny ^^
Gender: male
Physical description: eyes: blue. Hair: black. Height: 172.7 cm (5ft8”). Weight: 67kg. Danny has a very lanky muscular figure. He looks to be anywhere between 17-20, depending on the clothes he is wearing, though he stopped aging at 16-ish, technically.

Species: human (morpher)
Position: school district leader
Skills/powers: Danny is a morpher. Because of this, some of the abilities of his morphs can carry over while in human form, like endurance, sensory strength and the like, to a certain extent (no, he can’t run as fast as a cheetah because of this. See weaknesses). he does not need to touch an animal to morph into it. He only needs to know a lot about it, especially in terms of anatomy. He can not turn into a creature that only exists in mythology. He also can’t age, at least for the time being.
Weaknesses: Danny can’t morph into other people, and the animal morphs that he has are limited by their family or genus name. for instance, he only has one dog morph (looks like a Berger de picard—a winn Dixie type of dog). He may or may not be able to morph into a wolf because of this. He only has one “big cat” morph, though he can morph into a domestic cat. He has one, and only one, bird-based morph: an osprey. He can not morph into any other type of hawk, falcon, eagle, owl, parrot, or common bird like a crow or pigeon.
Also, just because he can’t age, doesn’t mean he can’t die.

District: school
Extra information: any animal he morphs into will be black haired, blue eyed, and scruffy-looking ^^. He can also morph into different ages of each form. So far, the only morphs that he has every used are: an osprey, a black leopard, and a dog.
Personality: his personality reflects both his physical and mental age. He can be serious when need be, but he is often light hearted and kind. Also, if he is wandering around as a dog, don’t be afraid to rub his belly. He often takes on quite a bit of the mentality of his morphs, so as a dog, yes he does love to be petted. He can also be a bit lazy when it comes to sun spots on the floor
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