Tired Dolly is Tired Picture

So..sorry for the crappy title, and if the scan looks terrible, sorry for that too, i'm using the school's scanner in between going to Critical Thinking, sooo..right.

Anyways, this is a bit of a revamped side character Dolanger (fuck, how do you spell that?) "Dolly" Jatere. Originally his name was simply Dolly, but to make a long story short, i finally figured out what his part in the story would be, and he became one of those lost/confused monsteres, specifically, the Gaurani legend of the Jasy Jatere. He suffers from horrible nightmares, which are actually bits and peices of his actually carrying out his prescribed duties as Jasy Jatere. I'm probably going to be doing this more often, finding obscure monster ideas to make people not know what they are. People in the story anyways, I mean, think about it, it'd be pretty easy to figure out if you're a werewolf or a vampire, right? But how hard would it be to figure out that you were actually supposed to be wandering the streets at night with a magical staff, alternatively playing with lost children and leading disobedient children to your cannibalistic sheep-like brother? Pretty dang hard I'd say. More info here [link] cause I'm lazy as all get out. His brother, the Ao-Ao, will be posted shortly.

Dolly = my little nightmare having waiter

(Also, color version will be up soon)
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