Radiance Picture

NOTE: This is a Radiant Mythology: Tales of the World Picture and you might not get the short story below. Thank you.

She winced while removing her brown practice gloves. The leather was rough and worn down from the countless punches she inflicts upon set up dummys. She slowly unraveled the white bandages that are reccomended to wear while practicing.

The material can tear up your knuckles down to the bone if you don't wear the bandages. Sadly for Kate, she didn't get a chance to put fresh ones on, settling with previously used ones that had been in the gloves already.

Bad idea seeing as the insides of the training gloves was filled with droplets of crimson.

Kate gritted her teeth. She hated being hurt and not being able to do anything about it. She had just ran our of Orange gel to heal herself. She didn't expect this to happen.

The pain intensified when she tried to move her sore fingers. No doubt Segal would get upset over this. He always hated when she tried too hard at training.

Unfortunatly he as the only one able to help her at a time like this. She picked up her gloves slowly and clasped them in both of her hands to keep them from falling. Kate walked back to the camp slowly, running excuses for her damages through her head.

When she arrived he was the first person she saw. Segal, her team's priest. He looked up from polishing his staff to see her giving him a strange smile.

"What did you do?" He questioned, slowly standing up.

Kate averted her eyes. "Uh...nothing?"

He took notice how her hands were behind her back. He sighed inwardly, already figuring what was wrong with her. He held one of his hands out. She apologized before setting her bruised up hand in his.

Segal stared at the red skin before placing his other hand atop. A blue ring circulated over both of their closed hands. A wave of relief washed over Kate, making her tilt her head back and sigh.

"You've been practicing too hard." He muttering, taking her other hand and giving a small glare at her. She blinked.

"I-I know. I only want to get stronger though."

The smiliar healing light began to spin again. "That doesn't mean you have to tear you're knuckles down to the bone."

A smile danced on her lips. She coyly replied, "I guess that's why I keep you around then, eh?

"..." He didn't reply and almost looked a little hurt, but of course being the stubborn person he was, he didn't admit it. Kate, whenever the chance arised, asked him to join her team whenever she needed someone to help her. Of course he always accepted. They had a strong bond which had taken years to get it that way. Kate was headstrong, naive, and sometimes childish. Segal was serious, blunt, and quiet. Two opposites, but close friends.

She giggled, rubbing her now healed hands. "I'm kidding. You mean so much more to me then just a preist." She winked her light brown eyes at him, a small blush forming on her cheeks. His crystal blue orbs widen. He turned his head to the side and coughed into his fist, crossing his arms over his shirt.

"Thanks." He replied quietly, pinking.

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