dante's apocalyptic inferno Picture

Drew this for an English assignment. We had to draw 'a graphic' on one of the last four books we have read. But, we can only get full credit if it is a concept. Blah to the prof. I decided to show how Dante's Inferno is an apocalyptic work. It doesn't fit the definition exactly, but it has a number of the aspects required.

Messianic Rule-Well, in the rest of the Divine Comedy, there are angels and holy beings that seem to be 'in charge.' So, angels.
An Appeal to History- There is a ton of histroy in it, but I just used stick figures of Homer, Virgil, Horace, Ovid, and Lucan, with whom Dante meets in the city where the non-believers go.
Mythological Symbolism- Lots of this in it too, but I just used the Minotaur.
Descent into an Underworld- The whole of Inferno is about going down in Hell, but I used Geryon, who takes them from down to the eighth circle of Hell.
Gloomy Prophecies-Dante is told many prophecies in Hell, and I used the one about Florence told to him by a thief(who then turns into a serpent).
Terrible Horrible Judgement- As the Lord of Hell, I think Satan fit this well.

Randomness! I had a lot of fun putting random and sometimes blasphamous(sp?) things in this picture... They include:

Kakuma(upper left corner)-He has wings, so why not chill with the angels? He's actually a Tengu. =3
Horned Angel(upper right corner)-It's a spy in heaven! =O!
Collars(on the She-Wolf, Leopard, and Lion)- Not very random, they just say what type of sin they represent... She-wolf=Incontinence, Leopard=Malice and Fraud, Lion=Violence and Ambition(is ambition bad?)
Burning Man(mid-far right)-He's happy he's on fire. It's hard to see in this scan though.
Goggled Fly-Boy(on Geryon, purple hair, middle)-This is Fly-Boy, an alternate version of my character Kiete. He's wearing goggles. I love goggles. "Dante" in front of him is wearing goggles too.
"Shadows"(far left side)-Heartless? They are supposed to represent the demons that guide Virgil and Dante part of the way.
SATAN!!!!!ONE11!!(bottom left)-he's purple! Satan in the story has three heads, each chewing on a different sinner. Left head is my character Pride, middle is my character Kiete, and right is my character Konou.
Mailbox(mid-right, next to pillar of purgatory)- Wind Waker-style mailbox in front of the Hell-city Dis. Dis looks like a fine place to me... it's supposed to be a bad place, but I think Dante decribed it that way so there wouldn't be a land rush. Or something.

Blah blah blah!! This pictures was done on printer paper with pencil, Pilot extra fine pen, Crown Oil Jell pen, Copic markers, Prismacolor Markers, Tria Markers, and Neopiko markers. I'm happy I could finally use the Trias. They are horrible pens. The picture is horribly organized and colored, but it was amusing(yet soul-sucking) to do. It took about 6 straight hours of work.

Now I just hope to get full credit on it! ^_^
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