Lateville Academy Blanche Picture


Name: Blanche Wiley

Age: Eighteen, but it’s been that way since the twenties.

Gender: Female

Height: Five foot nine

Weight: One-hundred fifty pounds

Mythical Creature: Werewolf

Class: Mythical Creatures

Likes: Watching old movies with Maxwell, tormenting Maxwell while watching said old movies, the woods, children, and doing anything that gets the adrenaline going.

Dislikes: Sitting still, being teased for her speaking style, lack of excitement, and those sad werewolf excuses in Twilight.

Family: Her kind of, sort of, not really guardian/companion Maxwell, who’s been stuck at the good ol’ age of twenty-six since the Civil War. He is also a werewolf, and may or may not have to do with her species change. Everyone related to her (Daddy, Mama, and her little sister Lizzie) passed away from natural causes. After all, you can’t live forever... unless you’re a mythological being, anyway.

Personality: Blanche is spitfire and wild. She’s definitely not the type to look before she leaps and always seems to be either getting dirty or getting herself into trouble, so it’s a good thing Maxwell is there to stop her from doing anything too psychotic. Thick-skinned and tough, she likes to believe that she can take on anything.

Good Traits: Her loyalty, perseverance, and guts.

Bad Traits: Irresponsibility, recklessness, and her knack for getting in trouble.

Biography: Blanche grew up in Chicago during the 1920s for the tail end of her mortal life. She was very much into the flapper lifestyle; you know, bobs, short dresses, and rouged knees. However, that segment of her life came to a close when visiting relatives in New Orleans, was mugged when she was out past curfew. Luckily, a colored man by the name of Maxwell Bellamy came to her rescue and scared the crap out of her in the process, to put it lightly, since it just happened to be a full moon. Having been alone for nearly sixty years, he made the spontaneous (and unconscious, considering he had very little mental control at the time) decision to turn her into a werewolf as well.

Needless to say, you can’t exactly send an eighteen year old home when you’ve just infected them with werewolf DNA, so Blanche became his slightly unwilling companion and pretty much hated him for the first year or so for it. But, they’re very close now and in fact, attending Lateville Academy was Maxwell’s idea... mostly to get her off his back for a little bit.

Anything else: She can use outdated slang or figures of speech at will, so if you hear her saying something’s the cat’s pajamas, the girl ain’t crazy.
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