My first. Picture

I thought you guys might get a kick out of this. I got an idea about a program that was floating around out there by somebody who actually liked me enough to watch me on here. Lol. It's and boy, is it interesting. A totally free program and one that you don't have to feel too bad about using because it's free. You know?

It's even more interesting with a tablet, that I got passed down to me by a friend. That loser got all kinds of new gear, so I made off with all the spoils of that damage and it was pretty awesome. In fact, it was more so, tablet work is...hard, but so different and so fun. I've only ever touched a tablet twice before my experiences today. It was...great. It was just the type of thing to keep me busy with something.

The thing I don't understand about tablets is how you colour with them. Or shade. It comes out so crude and while a lot of drawings start out that way, like this one that I drew with my tablet in about twenty minutes or so, it just completely boggles the hell out of me!

I call this guy Louie. He came into being while I was seriously pondering all manner of depressing thoughts. He's my representation of those inner demons and actually I got a little inspiration from a book I read a while ago. It's a crazy mixture of all sorts of mythologies and also bibical references. Including Lucifer, Prince of Darkness. Which is also where I got this character's name. Lou-ie. I added the -ie because I thought it would give him just the right amount of endearing.

I wanted to make a character that was so calculating and so seductive and so remarkably vile that you come to really love him as a character, even while you're hating him. To do that, I came up with a gorgeous design. I made him a short man, but I insisted on his character being so overwhelmingly charming and dastardly at the same time that you wouldn't even notice. He's powerful and power hungry, the greatest liar that ever lived to tell a tale, and everything anyone or anything could ever want to Hell. Lol. I wanted everyone ( in, at least, my stories) to be instantly attracted to him while there was a red flag going up to tell those first instincts to shut up. Lol. In short, romantically evil. A beautiful facade that rolls over you and then it's just way too late.

If I ever find out a way to make his hair more uniform (seems to change every time I draw him, go figure with curly hair), I'll probably draw him a lot more, and with tail, horns and wings next time around...although his hair really isn't all that curly when he's like that. Lol

Tablets are a great tool and a good next step in creating art, if you're looking for one. I gotta say, it's just as cool as the first two times I tried it and it'll probably just increase in coolness as time goes on.
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