kyoko kiyru Picture

yay! some actual art and not just me spamming you with my face. so this is kyoko and he has an interesting backstory. basically me and my friends like to fuck shit up by making OCs and then RPing them in the scenery and plotline. however OCs are really annoying when you write fanfic and stuff so i tend to avoid doing that. not that i write fanfic anyways. so anyways his story starts when his dad, who was some kind of demonic creature who was very charismatic and very liked and always the life of the party as well as an unearthly creature. he wasnt necessarily a bad person it was just his nature to do the things he did. he was like valentine morgenstern, but with darker hair and obviously not having totally overboard crazy sociopathic tendencies. he was a very well known and noble figure of a nole bloodline (kiyru is taken to mean falling star in the same context as morgenstern because his character is based off of valentine). and one day he gets a bitch pregnant. so he stood back and let things happen as they did. because he was curious and its not like he cared about the girl anyways. so the chick gave birth to her son (who was half demon) and the child ate the mortal woman whole soon after his birth. if the mother had been also demon the child wouldnt have eaten her however she was a human and humans are consumable. now when a parent holds their child for the first time theres an unbreakable bond. the love of a parent to their offspring. so of course he fled with the just born child. he figured it wasnt worth the trouble and would kill the child later. of course he fell into that s trange parently love with the child and decided to raise his hybrid son on his large manor house on the river Lethe (thats greek mythology) the hybrid child grew up very interestingly (again the parenting skills can be compared to that of valentine morgenstern) with a great ability to fight for himself and about seven different dialects of the demonic language and several human languages. (in the demonic culture a child is like property or a pet until age seven when they a re thrown out into the mortal world to fend for themselves. if they are still alive at a ge 21 they may return to their family. this is how they weed out the weak or stupid or generally incapable children of the society) when kyoko was seven years old he was unsympathetically pushed into the world of the mortal with a pair of broadswords and his own devices to fend for himself f or the next fourteen years. of course at first it was quite rough but he was quickly swept into the west side gang where he found his lack of sympathy regret or guilt to be quite useful. at the age of eleven he was under a mandatory recruit to a boarding school that happened to have a vampire friendly unit. of course the headmaster was aware of kyokos presence as a growing urban legend and felt the need to step in and do something before the problem got out of hand. so this twelve year old kid whose been part of the west side gang for five years and has had no mortal schooling or social experience gets shipped into a high class boarding school with a bunch of vampires. the girl who was supposed to meet him at the airport was looking for "a volatile, illiterate, child with two swords and a beadhead" and that is exactly what she found. (when i RP a character i put myself in their situation and react how i normally would so it ends up being somewhat comical.) upon arrival his dorm mates found an explosive personality (who about killed someone for having accidentally brushed up against him) with an untamable mess of hair (that had been hacked off with a knife when it was too long) who needed help figuring out the tie in the school uniform in the morning. so yeah. long and unnecessary description of a character i drew.

and the important stuff: im really proud of his feet and legs in this picture. the arms are kind of awkward but it works for the picture. theme of which is 'i just rolled out of bed and i would like very much to still be in bed' (which accounts for the underwear)
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