Angela Dea main characters Picture

I've been wanting to put a piece up here showing the new designs of my Angela Dea characters for a while now. So hey, I figured why not just do a sort of design sheet for them? My original version of that never made it up here, because I didn't particually like it, but I like this one. Pretty.
Anyway, if any of you remember my old version of this story (this thing has gone through several versions. I started this back in my senior year of high school, so the idea is four years old now. I'm pleased to say the plot and concpet have greatly improves since then), then the basis of the story is pretty much the same. But I'll give the gist of it anyway, for my sake.

Ok, so the story starts off with with the Anglea Dea being kidnapped. No one knows who did it, but people specular its her twin brother, the Diablous Deo. (Ok they're real names are Aeris and Ignis. Aeris is the goddess of air, and Ignis is the god of fire. However, somehow the mythology got screwed, and Aeris is seen as an angel goddess, and Ingis as a devil god. Hense the names.) This much is true, because he has gotten fed up with the way humans treat his sister.

The mythology of this world is very interesting. In the very begining, there was Terra and Aqua, the earth goddess and the water god. They mated at some people (*cough*beach*cough*), and had twin children, Aeris and Ignis. They prospered, Ignis staying with his mother and Aeris living above all of them. All of them became bored, and each created a speices. Terra created droves, Aqua created mermaids, and Aeris and Ignis together created both humans and elves. However, both siblings went behind each others backs, and Aeris created fairies, and Ignis created dragons. They were kind of mad at each other for doing so, but forgave each other not too long after.

Anyway, so Ignis kidnapped his sister, and she doesn't realize it, because she's sort of a transcendental being, meaning her conscience is in several places at once. The humans and elves, both having long disowned Ignis as their creates, are indigant, and both speices, despite their conflicts with each other, want to go rescue her.

Cue Robert and Clover, the crown prince of the humans, and well, an elf. They are sent on this journey together to help strenghen the bonds between humand and elf, and hopefully create a treaty afterward. Truthfully, Robert is severaly defenceless, and his father wanted to make sure he was well protected. They get along fairly well.

Along the way they met an odd young woman by the name of Buttercup. Its clear at the very begining she's a bit different. She is a Lumnia Mens, a Metal Mind. She can manuplate metal, yay. Her people are part of a seperate country because they can do magic, or at least some of them can. The trait has been somehow filtered out over the centuries, and Buttercup, along with her father, are two out of only a few in her village that has the ability. But what makes them distrust her is the fact that the Lumina Mens worship all the gods equally, beleiving in the old ways. Buttercup was sent to talk to Ignis (the gods in this world make themselves very visible) to see why he'd do such a thing as to kidnap his own sister.

However, both Robert and Clover are very open minded, and allow Buttercup to travel with them. That's about as far as I've planned at this point, but it's a lot more interesting than what I used to have planned.
Um, yeah, I sort of went with the ideas I had used with the very first character designs of them. Which is pretty much this, in case you are wondering. Hey, why not go back to that? Its fun.
Um, yeah. Probably never going to do anything with the story, although it would be cool to finish what I started back in high school.
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