Odinism comic cover Picture

Picture I've been working on for a little while for a comic book concept called "Odinism" that I came up with. I'm not sure what it would be about, but something along the lines of Loki trying to destroy the human world, taking obvious advantage of his godly powers and rising an entire army from hell consisting of demons, zombies, and terrible beasts (like bosses in video games). The only hope for earth would be Baldur and Thor, guided by Odin.

For refference:
Position: Top left
Oden is the chief god of viking mythology. He is the god of wisdom and war.
appearance: A mask is worn to hide his appearance. The mask is made out of many thick layers of string-like strands of titanium, meshed together in a cross-hatch pattern and blessed by the rune worn on his armor (the rune Ansuz, "used to refer to any deity, but it was most often associated with Odin, the Viking equivalent of Zeus.")
Weapons/combat type: Gungnir (Oden's spear), longsword. He attacks quickly but with brute force.

Loki is the god/goddess of mischief and chaos. S/He's basicaly the "Satan" of Norse mythology
Position: Top right
Appearance: Loki wears dark robes with a faceplate covering hs mouth with an image of sharp teeth painted onto it. He wears these to conceal his appearance, as he is not only a shape shifter but also a gender changer as well. By wearing these clothes, he feels he is being fair to both of his personas because his clothes do not commit to one gender. Legend has it (not real norse legend, but my made up legend) that the reason he bacame evil is because the rune he was blessed with eventually became deformed and ineffective because of his shapeshifting.
Weapon/combat style: He has no designated weapon, as he shapeshifts into various beasts. He is a "trickster", meaning his main tactic is to play with his opponents minds. Sometimes, he may resort to seducing his victim or shapeshifting into a lost loved one of the enemy.

**BALDUR**(also spelled "Baldr")
Baldur is the god of light and beauty.
Positioning: Bottom left
Appearance: Baldur wears half a mask on his face in order to condense and save the powers of his rune for a powerful, last resort attack. His rune, kenaz, is the rune of light. It gives him the power, if he condenses the attack for long enough, to unleash a inhumanly bright, blinging and flesh burning light from his eyes. As it radiates from his eyes, it leaves him temporarily blind. Therefor, he uses it only as a last resort attack, because if he used it whenever he felt like it, he could end up killing an ally by mistake.
Weapons/combat style: Baldur has posession of three weapons: A small, all purpose spear, good for both throwing and stabbing, a hunting knife used for close range combat as well as stealth, and a light-weight battle-axe, used when he needs a bit more power. He tries to not use the battle-axe unless absolutley needed. He is a thief-type, meaning that he is very fast, but not very strong. However, his incredible speed makes up for lack in strength, as he can string togeter large combos.

Thor is the norse god of lightning.
Positioning: He's the only one left, figure it out.
Appearance: Thor wears his traditional animal pelt shirt, but underneath has a titanium plate drilled and bolted into his body (he would prefer not to have this, as he is a true viking, however Oden would not allow him to enter a war this important without added protection as well as technological enhancements). His left (right from your point of view) eye has been replaced with a robotic one, which has a zoom feature, acting as a sniper scope for long distance lightning strikes to enemies. His lightning powers are enhanced by his rune, Hagalaz, the rune of hailing projectiles during battle.
Weapons/combat style: Other than his lightning powers, his only weapon is a large warhammer. called Mjolnir, fashioned with a sharp spear-head used for stabbing if needed. He is a berserker, meaning of course he pays very little attention to defense and more attention to slaughtering his enemies like cattle.

By the way, the symbols between Oden and Loki are runes. the third rune I was unable to find the name of, but the first two and the fourth are Algiz (rune of defense), Ansuz (rune of Oden), and Hagalz (rune of hail, both the weather and hailing projectiles during battle). The runes represent the letters Z, A, C, and H in the english alphabet, which spells my name.
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