OC Vary Sister Nagas Picture

So after tinkering FOREVER with the idea of these two naga's, a snapshot of Madalyn Vary (Left) and Levilyn Vary (front). Naga sister OC's I have no use for but still enjoyed XD

The Vary sisters come from a race of ancient prominent Gorgon's. Over the generations though, many if not all have lost the famous skill of there ancestors which are famously written in the history and mythology books, Petrification. In the modern timeline, Levilyn is the only known Naga to posses this skill, making her considered "royalty" by any naga. No matter there position in society or family prestige. Madalyn does not howsoever.

Coming from a family of Baron's, Madalyn was the first born. (I imagine 24yrs old atm). At young she was trained to maintain the family posture and name with power and dignity. She took foundly to singing and snake whispering.

4 Years later, her younger sister Levilyn was born. At birth they realized she had a true gorgons power and was pampered by birth. Madalyn, while still being loved by her parents, saw no affection from her parents or friends after her sisters birth.

Even with the cause to envy, Madalyn did her best to hold herself to the image she wanted to be in the feature as well as being a great sister. Her and Levilyn were loving siblings. Madalyn even took great effort in trying to teach Levilyn to sing but that didn't work out so well. She was able to teach Levilyn the basics of snake whispering though.

During the later years, the relationship of the sisters differed. Madalyn saw her little sister as her little sister, who was gifted but not the strongest but wanted to help and be there for Levilyn any time se could. Levilyn saw her sister as more of "her bestest friend forever" type deal. Making there interactions and social behaviors ackwards at times.

Madalyn is more obsessed on her looks. As a more siren type naga, she focuses on her skills and beauty in battle/ life. She puts alot of effort into her figure and outfits.

Levilyn, being more pampered and childish, dresses in lolita and wears excessive makeup at times to hide her gorgon stare from everyone but enemies.

Madalyn is very self conscience about her chest size.
Levilyn likes the rain obsessively but is afraid to get any outfit of hers wet.

(Meh gotta work on the battle bios)

Madalyn Full :[link]
Levilyn Shot: [link]
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