Audrey for lobomoonsong Picture

So this is cool, this is the first time I've got to put anything in the anthro section. I'm branching out!

Right right ok. This is for ~lobomoonsong, due to a comment-for-a-picture thingy, it is her character Audrey who I believe is fox/wolf inspired, yes? Also purple and lime green, which I have to say I APPROVE OF STRONGLY.

I mentioned to her that I can't remember drawing anything that wasn't a human or a transformin' robot.. I was kind of scared at doing an animalistic face. No I tell a lie, I remember drawing a dolphin when I was veeeerrry young. Maybe seven. But this was still scary.

Thankfully Ms Moonsong has a character sheet of Audrey, so I was very much of the furtive glances whilst drawing this. And... I caved in on the legs and went for "stylish darkness". I TRIED. But I failed. And accidentally drew them in a kind of sexualised position initially, which I felt bad about.

It was tricky to get started on this, I was so confused about working in such a small space. I limited myself to A5 size because I am supposed to be so busy at the moment, but it just led me to waste ages on figuring out how to claustrosize myself. I actually really like how it came out though. Sometimes paint works like this and sometimes not, but I am fond here. I hope you are too! (..Lie if you aren't.)

It was fun finding "my" way to go about an anthro form. I was really worried about and wanting to avoid straight line-for-line copying and to find an angle on it that felt comfortable for me. When I haven't drawn for a while I have to try whatever comes to mind before I remember how to do it like me. It took some frustration to find a way I felt ok drawing big cubes of metal. So I beg pardon if she looks a little on the demonic or mythological side! I may ask permission to try her again when I've practiced shaping fur some more. Damn fur is hard.

The colours are done in acrylic paint. The purple is made from black and white and crimson. I think that is coool.

In conclusion all in all but NOT 'at the end of the day' because i hate that phrase - I hope you find something to like in this, and thank you for helping me learn the way of the anthro artist!

Pee Ess if the picture quality is slightly bad, blame this computer. I can only crop/edit on Paint.
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