Persona 4 PnP Sketches 1 Picture

These are some sketches of characters from Feinne's Persona PnP thread.

Name: James Sunderland
Arcanum: Magician
Appearance: Moderate height, thin, short brown hair, glasses, green eyes.
General Description: James's life is defined by comparison with his father, a literal rocket scientist who works to develop newer and more powerful rocket fuels. He feels he must come out from under the shadow of his father's accomplishments, and resents rumors that his father's influence in academia counted more than his grades for admission. While he feels he must exceed his father in science, he would never admit to his father that he prefers physics to chemistry. James is very intelligent, but a little rash and impulsive.
Likes: Math, Science, Movies with fire and explosions, Military History
Dislikes: Cold, stupid people, drunk people, many kinds of popular music, lettuce

Starting Persona: Something fire themed. I'd imagine Oppenheimer hasn't been dead long enough to become a mythological figure yet.
Suggested Focus: Fire. Maybe Hama, or radiation ala Persona 2.

-Made by wdarkk


Name: Ashley DeFlemsey

Arcanum: Hermit

Appearance: A thin, small, scrawny boy, with dusty blond hair and fashion sense that's just a little too feminine to get off easy. He has a few marks and scars on his body, normally hidden by clothes, from being constantly assaulted.

General Description: A very bright boy, Ash as he prefers to be called has never had the best time. His father, a lawyer who wanted a more athletic child, has been a rarity at home for the vast majority of his life, and his mother hasn't been seen since he was three; the police dropped that missing persons case long ago. He learned to take care of himself, however his feminine frame and clothing, general lack of athleticism and tendency to stay back reading and studying instead of socializing has caused him endless amounts of torment and bullying during school. He's grown into a loner, hateful and untrusting, holding his cards close to his chest. While he never explicitly misbehaves, at this point the bullying and harassment has stopped solely because people think he might start murdering if pushed too far.

Likes: Books, video games, science, technology.

Dislikes: Most people, especially athletes and lawyers, sports, most modern music and television, politicians, being proven wrong.


Starting Persona: Adaptive Manipulator
Suggested Focus: Debuffs and status effects

-Made by Cleretic
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