Eclair Express Application Sheet Note By Arcan Picture

Name: Mars (I know in the mythology it was Mars's brother that was the blacksmith but I have my reasons for his name)
Gender: Male
Age: 28 years
Species: Hare Hybrid
Job: Apprentice Blacksmith
Birthday: Spring 11th
Orientation: Bisexual

Loved gifts: spicy dishes, cooked fish, and herbs
Liked gifts: flowers, accessories especially jewelry (though he's not fond of wearing it, he likes how it looks), and ores
Disliked gifts: raw fish, failed dishes (he's not that great in the kitchen so he's used to them enough not to hate), and scrap metal
Hated gifts: desserts, meat dishes, and animal products

Personality: He's not a talkative person most of the time so he would rather hear others' stories and opinions. Prefers thinking with emotions and impluses over logic and strategy. Somewhat obedient to a fault. For example: He overhears someone he's close to mentioning wanting to have a picnic in the park for lunch, so he gets everything ready, only to be greeted by a blizzard as he opens the door as it's been snowing all day. He knew it was not picnic weather but he just got so caught up in trying to make a nice gesture, he forgot. Overall a quiet, happy-go-lucky guy that wants others to be happy too.

History: He spent the first twenty years of his life in a coastal region with superb overseas trade. He lacked a stable job, so he mostly helped out others for any price. At age twenty-one he decided he needed something more interesting then the town he grew-up in so he joined some sailing merchants. He found maintenance for things like tools and the boat to be what he was best at. Unfortunately, the first mate developed a fur allergy eight years after he joined them and thus Mars was dumped on the nearest port. The place wasn't too bad, but he had trouble affording a comfortable place to live. After finding the leaflet for Toffee Town, a free house and guaranteed job is what really sealed the deal, he took the train there so here we are.

Roleplay Methods/Availability: I've never roleplayed before but I suppose I'll use deviantart and scipt till I figure out what works best. I'll try to be as available as possible.

Character is mine, but the application and group is not. That is all. Have a nice day.
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