WoD: Miles Orvana Picture

"Oh really? Those are some pretty big threats, but how much good do you think they'll be against a Shadow?"

Miles Orvana, one of the Player Characters from my longest running World of Darkness Roleplay.

Miles had a talent for sleight of hand during his living days, making a good portion of his money as a pickpocket. This caught the attention of a similarly-minded Vampire known as Mortimus, who followed Miles and struck him a deal. Miles considered the possibilities of being undead for some time, and eventually agreed to it. Miles made the change well, but when a mysterious Vampire assassin named Shyal killed Mortimus and gravely injured Miles, things took a turn for the worse. Another Vampire named Sarah rescued Miles, and accompanied him for some time after. Miles met Jacy, an old friend of Mortimus who recently woke up and also has a vendetta against Shyal, and they formed a slightly reluctant alliance. As time past, Miles and Sarah traveled across the ocean to the Dead Sea in search of answers to Shyal's history, where Miles underwent initiation into an ancient and secret Bloodline, the Khaibt, who were masters of the shadows. Miles and Sarah grew closer, but she betrayed him, revealing she was Shyal's daughter all along and just used him. By then, Miles had gotten tricked into working with Shyal's group, VII, and played double agent, barely even sure himself who's side he was truly on. They killed Shyal and Sarah fled, vowing revenge. Miles left Rockford for 50 years, but before doing so he Embraced his girlfriend from when he was alive, Valerie, and they traveled the country together.

Miles is sneaky by nature, a walking shadow at heart. He tends to play both sides, and is great at deceiving others, but this usually gets him on the hit list of many dangerous people. He has a habit of flirting with the devil, as apparent from his past relationship with the evil Sarah, as well as his association with the Vampiric mythological figure in the mirror, known only as Red Jack. Miles often questions how he has survived as long as he has, and it's likely he wouldn't have if he wasn't as sneaky as he is.

Yeah, my drawing isn't very good. But I love the Characters from that Chronicle, enough so that I risked putting pencil to paper despite my inexperience. They aren't amazing, bu they're not too bad. And, for the record, it was supposed to be a wallet in Miles' hand, but I was doing a horrible job of drawing it ^_^;;
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