Bygon revamped .:again:. Picture

So the other day in CS I realised I hadn't drawn Bygon for two billion years. And, considering I spent most of yrs 6 and 7 drawing him, and since my style has CHANGED BEYOND COMPREHENSION since then, I wondered, 'What the heck would he look like now?'

In this picture, his hair isn't as long as I'd like it to be in future pictures.

Since Bygon first stepped onto the scene of my series 'The Legends of Dark And Light Auroras' (which is most likely to be changed to something else, not saying what, before publication), I've adjusted his character so frequently my friends have practically given up on him. Can I say now that I have decided, more or less permanently, since (for the fourth year in a row) I intend to publish the first book in my series by the end of this year.
He is the god-figure in the stories, and this is the reason for which I've simply done away with all his fancy, corny, futuristically predictable attire, and simply given him a nice luxurious white cloth. (He loves me for that.)
I want him to be sort of like your classical Greek mythology god, with the rippling and yet elegant muscles, the nice jawline, the barely-enough-coverage. And yet I want to bring a distinctly Manga/Anime-ish beauty to him. I want him to be unfeasibly beautiful to the point where I want at least one character, while being visited by him in normal clothes, to think him a woman at first.
I want him to have no crown except for his long, shining gold hair, and I want him to have the perfect skin, which is somewhere between pale and tanned.

Since his previous revamping, Bygon's lost his corny black and blue shoulderpiece et cetera, and has gained that shiny white thing. In most of his scenes, he will retain his flowing 'cape of the universe'. He's lost his silly sideburns, and his tan, (like I said, I want him to have a middle skin tone) and his muscles are less bulky, less Dev-like and more Den-like. His hair (which I've changed so many times it's not funny) is now (permanently) just plain long, flowing, sometimes out and sometimes in a ponytail, and it has lost its ridiculous, geometric, formerly triangular, state.

In all, Bygon is less of an angular character and more of a beautiful, flowing, almost spectre-like character.

Bygon copyright to me 2009.
From my series 'The Legends of Dark And Light Auroras'
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