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ɤ ›NAME: Avery McLaughlin

ɤ ›AGE: 15 (Fifth Year)

ɤ ›HOUSE: Ravenclaw


ɤ ›HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 178 cm/ 74 kg

ɤ ›PET (optional): Atalanta, Saw Whet Owl

ɤ ›WAND INGREDIENTS: 13", Walnut, Dragon Heartstring,

• Aparecium
• Locomotor Mortis
• Evanesco
• Finite Incantatem
• Alohomora
• Protego

ɤ ›EXTRA CURRICULAR / ELECTIVE CLASSES: Study of Ancient Runes & Arithmancy/ Magic Theory & Ancient Studies

Avery has spent the duration of her childhood trying to gain approval from her father, and as a result tends to strive for approval from her professors and elders in general. This is usually problematic as Avery cannot focus or perform under pressure, and tends to disappoint professors. When she is called on to answer or demonstrate during class, Avery can't answer despite knowing pages worth of information on almost all of her topics. She tries to combat this by studying constantly and taking advantage of as much extra credit as possible. Since she spends so much time on her studies it leaves little time for friendships or relationships, and as a result Avery has never been in a relationship. However she is a hopeless romantic who reads fairy tales and mythology in her free time and while walking to her classes.

Her father was extremely disappointed when Avery turned out to be a baby girl and tended to neglect and ignore her in her youth. Her family are muggle and understand very little about what Avery does at Hogwarts. Her mother tries to be supportive in everything Avery does, but her father is so oblivious that he doesn't even realize Avery is a wizard. The McLaughlin are a middle-income family from Scotland. Avery's mother, Holly, is a school teacher and her father, Daniel, is an investment banker. Avery learned she was a wizard when she was trying to bake apple pie and accidentally made the dish combust; Avery told her mother that she must have left it in the oven too long. However when an owl appeared, Avery and her mother figured out the truth. Her father thinks she simply goes to a boarding school, and doesn't find the weird textbooks odd at all. He think Avery is just being weird again.

ɤ ›VOICE: Rose Leslie

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