I Feel Pretty Picture

This creature defies all description. I honestly have no clue what his deal is....intentionally. If I had to describe my thought process on this character, I'd say he is something along the line of Blue World's "Pyramid Head." Although that doesn't really work because Pyramid Head was only good for the contained area of Silent Hill 2, not the vast world of Mircurius. Is he a bounty hunter? Is he a failed experiment of some mad scientist? Is he a successful experiment of some mad scientist? Is he actually a she? I honestly don't know. If I DO use him, I'm thinking his background will be so convuluted that after a time his mythology would contradict itself at every turn.

I suppose he is my mystery character designed for nothing more than to make the fans wonder and postulate theories as to his true purpose. Only problem is that it'd get to the point where there'd be no way to make a satisfactory background. Peoples minds work wonderously that way, filling in the blanks and coming up with wild stories far greater than anything I could ever do. It makes them a part of the world, which is something that I hope to do with my comic: make a story where you can lose yourself in. Those are the best kinds of stories, where you can actually picture yourself existing within.

Overall, this picture had given me a bit of problems. For one, while I was working on it the previous night there was a storm and just as I was putting on some finishing touches the power went out. I HAD saved shortly before the power killed so I didn't lose too much, but it was still annoying because I wanted to finish the pic before I went to bed. Also, when I finished it and saved it to png to then upload, I noticed that the colors were MUCH darker in the .png than on my screen, especially the background. Tore my hair out for half an hour trying to figure out why, then by accident I found out that the proof setup was 'working cmyk' rather than 'monitor rgb'. Made me very relieved to find that, but also annoyed because I had to go through the hassle to do that rather than it doing it automatically. Well, with any luck, it'll stick and I won't have to worry about it any more...
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