My Influence Map Picture

So I finally hop on the bandwagon (late as always). Here's my influence map for my artistic style, so far as I see it. Everything's labeled for your convenience, but here's an explanation anyway just 'cause I can.

Michael Whelan gets the biggest space at 3x3. His art, both on book covers and in the big ol' artbook I bought from SFBC when I first ordered from them, was a major contributing factor to my continuing to do art. I love his colors, his scenery, his people, his themes.... He's just awesome incarnate.

Disney and Inuyasha get the 2x2 squares. I honestly think my current style is something of a mix between the two (well, Disney and anime in general, but Inuyasha is by far my favorite anime). Inuyasha also has a lot of the Japanese mythology and such that I like.

I've got four 1x2 sspots, though one of them looks like a pair of 1x1s. Jody Lee is another major influence, much like Michael Whelan but for less time. I love the book covers she does. Julie Dillon has been a longtime influence too, especially to see her progression from the anime-style work she did for Big Eyes Small Mouth and online How To Draw Manga tutorials to her current painting style. She's awesome. Sonic the Hedgehog was my earliest video game and is a great character. And last is Nature, especially photos with rich, evocative colors like the two I used here. Emerald green forests and vibrant sunsets make for amazing photos.

Last are the 1x1 spaces, no less important but slightly less influential (or at least for less time). =sayda and =Michelle84 here on DA, and to a lesser extent the rest of the artists on my watchlist. Sayda and Michelle84 made for good examples that helped me refine my figures to something I rather like, and stand as excellent examples of coloring styles I like. Saiyuki was a secondary anime influence for me, and stands in for the rest of the anime style in general. Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda are my final video game influences. What can I say? I like the fantasy styles and out-there costumes.

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All art © their original creators, not me. I just stuck them together for the meme.
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