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Ok here is another recruit for the Outcasts. Justin Charlovich was what you might call a skeptic. He always believed in what he could see, touch and feel. He believed in the material world. Little did he know that his entire world was about to be turned on its head. He found himself seeing glowing cloaked figures everywhere that nobody else could see as well as dragon, elves, and fairies everywhere. He began to think that he was losing his mind, when he was confronted by one of cloaked figures. The figure pulled back its hood to reveal a strikingly beautiful woman's face. This woman told him that she was a Valkyrie and that Justin had to come with her to see her boss. Wanting to know what exactly was wrong with him, Justin decided to accept the offer. Next thing he knew, he was transported to a large drinking hall, with a large plaque ,over the thrown, in the back, proudly stating Valhalla. The hall was decorated with fine jewels and gold columns decorating the area. Justin was taken to the thrown upon which sat a wizened old man with an eye patch. this man introduced himself as Odin. He told Justin that Justin wasn't a real boy: he was an artificial construct. Odin told Justin that he (justin) was the combination of mystic warriors that existed in the Old Norse world and was made to be their representative on earth, after which Justin was taken back to his home. Justin at first didn't believe Odin at first (who would honestly?). However, he gradually accepted the idea as truth, especially after it was revealed that his parents were just Changeling who adopted him on orders from Odin. After this most stunning revelation, Justin fully accepted his fate. He then surmised that if he really was not a real person, he might as well use himself to protect all the real people of the world. After trying out for the Outcasts, he was told that he would be accepted but only after an intense two year training program from Sister Wyrde. After somehow enduring it, Justin finally made the cut and joined the Outcasts.

Justin, being the combination of all the Old Norse mystic warriors, has extensive knowledge of all kinds of Nordic magic. He is also able to speak old and contemporary Norse languages. Justin is able to cast all sorts of spells, for both defense and offense, though he normally either like to blast opponents with pure magical energy or create a large sword out of magic.

Though Justin accepts the truth of his origin, he still tries to keep a hold on the material world around him. He still relies mainly on technology rather than magic for day-to-day purposes. He even constructed a magic-enhancing techno-staff that can be used as a weapon to help concentrate his magic into and release as blasts or use like a computer of Mythological terms, creatures and people.

Justin is friends with Drifter and was white with light brown hair and light blue eyes that light up when he uses magic.
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