Tanny the Little Sea Monster Picture

I got the urge to start drawing again and dragged out as much of my old art supplies as possible. sadly, some were missing but I found most, even if I couldn't find any of my good drawing pencils. I've still got to look for the rest of the stuff, so I decided to muck about with firealpaca to see how that works in case I wanted to use that to clean up stuff after I actually start drawing.

I literally had no idea what I was going to doodle when I started up firealpaca, but when what I''d intended to be a wing outline came out looking like that "Nessie flipper" photo I just kind of rolled with it. it's pretty cartoony, but I think it's kind of cute, enough so that even when I found a halfway decent pencil I wound up working on this guy some more instead of sketching like I'd intended.

in the end I wound up using both firealpaca and GIMP to get this done and while I know this isn't really good I haven't done anything other that some random digital night sky scenes, those synesthesia pieces, and that memorial art for my friend in about a decade in terms of completely original stuff so I am pretty out of practice. (I've made icons/avatars from anime screenshots, manga scans, and official promo art, but that's not really art proper.) to top it off, I've always been WORSE at drawing when I did lineart digitally so maybe this is a good sign.

anywho, I've decided to call this little guy Tanny. he's a lake/sea monster type thing, but I figured something based on Nessie would be too typical a name so I decided to go with a name taken from a creature from Maori mythology, the taniwha, when I remembered an article on Frontiers of Zoology about plesiosaurian deceptions of it. [link]

I really do like this little guy, I think I may even trying writing a little something to go with this image.
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