My Evil Muse 1 Picture

Edit: When I used Ctrl + the mouse wheel to zoom in (I'm legally blind and can't read it otherwise), I noticed the words are fuzzy, so I'm uploading a higher-resolution image. If it's still too fuzzy, I'll have to figure something else out.

First installment of my new comic, working title "My Evil Muse" (for reasons that will take a while to unfold). This is mostly for drawing and layout practice. I'm expecting some serious art evolution as I go along. I've never drawn furniture before (obviously), so this should be good practice.

This comic is based on actual thoughts I've had and incidents involving oddly-timed moments of inspiration. Everyone's muse is different, so I don't expect most people to get this. But surely I'm mot the only person who's had story ideas so bizarre I'm almost afraid to admit thinking them up even though I love them enough to incorporate them into my books and future comic. (I really do say that before sharing my oddest ideas with my nephew. And I really am going to start telling him, "This was entirely Zhenzhu's idea." Zhenzhu is a composite of many different mythological creatures I made up for another comic I have planned, and her design is based on the clouded leopard, BTW.)

The next one will be about how Zhenzhu transfers the ideas to me, and what she does when she's not talking to me. It'll also explain that the "overcast" comment is a reference to my depression.


Done in Manga Studio Ex 4 (first thing I ever drew in it).
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