My gods Picture

so my English class is studding Greek mythology and my teacher gave us an assignment to make our own god. where everyone else made human gods i made an animal one. this decision was based on the fact that i follow that native american religion and not one of the main three (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) where god is portrayed as a human. so native american 'gods' are known as the Great Animal Spirits which watch over the world, but there is no human Great Animal Spirit, so i made one.

Her name is pronounced C-row-val-e-us and i made up her back story as this: Earthmaker was so proud of the animals he created before her (horse, wolf, and lynx) that he got distracted and made her. he was surprised but he knew he couldn't let her go to earth, this made her cry and to appease her he told her that she could look over the humans. however because there was no animal like her on earth she couldn't go there like she was so she meditated until she could control her body enough to change into either of the three animals she looked like. in doing so she found each one had a different power to help humans.
the lynx, Carneous, (car-knee-us) controlled the war and peace and decided how to keep peace, if it could not be kept them she would finalize the declaration of war. The horse, Hervicos (her-vI-kose), (Frisian) could bless a human with safe travel or insure it by giving them a ride on her back. she also took dead spirits to The Land of the Wounded Warrior (afterlife). the wolf, Mitos, (my-tO-ss) was know to me very wise and can control things with her mind and use telepathy.
Serovalious has other names because humans could not figure out that she was one spirit with many forms. she is also the only purely blind spirit. he mark on her eye is known as The Mark of the Three Crescent Moons, it splits when ever she transforms.
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