Capitol: Nova WIP Picture

“Your point is?” Party Poison looked back down at the floor, back leaning against the wall next to the cot where the woman was laying, still asleep.

“My point is,” the younger man began, “that she is deathly pale, has blond hair, and not wearing anything grey. Oh, and we found her in Zone Five and she said she’d been walking for three days. She can’t —”

“Your point is?” The redhead repeated, staring at Kobra Kid. “Cause your voice is really beginning to annoy me, Kid.”

“…She can’t be from the City. Which begs the question, what the hell is she from?”

--Capitol, chapter three.

Work-in-progress (or just beginnings of a digital sketch) of Nova, the main OC in my killjoy!MCR-with-Hunger-Games-mythology-thrown-in story Capitol, which you can find on my Mibba. (I may not be currently writing/updating it but I absolutely love drawing concept art for it.)

Nova's real-life model is Ashlee Simpson as a blonde, and I used this picture as reference for this sketch.

Currently I'm stuck working with Microsoft Paint while I save up for PS, so that's what my digital drawings will probably be made in, now that I finally figured out how to draw in Paint.
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