family of five Picture

I am practicing my chibis. .... I am not very good at them. Anyways these are 5 siblings that I am currently writing stories about.
Madeline is the oldest. She is a practical business woman of 24 who has connections to every market and government market sector both legal and illegal.
Jak is the youngest. She is a sarcastic, tomboy treasure hunter. Her profession actually is treasure hunting. She is 16 and already gradutated from high school. She homeschooled and taught herself information that most doctorate students learn so she figured why pay thousands of dollars for a piece of paper.
Hitomi is the middle child. She is 18 and also self educated. She is very anti-social. She lives in cabin in a remote part of the world. She is a poet atually but her acclaim is for her knowledge of written languages and mythology. And only written not spokan languages because Hitomi could care less how langauges sound vasue she has no desire to talk to anyone.
Kel "boy" is, as evident by his nick name, the only boy. He is a adventure/ body guard for hire. He is Jak's fraternal twin. He is also self educated but in the art of metal weaponry and certain martial arts. He is still technically in highschool.
Goewyn is the 2nd eldest. She is 20 years old. Quiet and pragmatic. Her occupation is as a wondering botanist and apothocary. She travels the world collecting herbal remedies, cataloguing plants, and healing ill people.

So yeah that is the family of five. As for the art work
I did it in pencil first then went over in pen but I did not erase the pencil underneath the pen because it started smearing the ink... so in general it is very sloppy looking, but all in all I am proud of the chibis considering I am not very good at drawing them.
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