what is love? Picture

"What is love?"

Loverboy conteplating on the meanings of love.
XD yea this is when loverboy was young and didn't know to much about love and its meanings. His brother Eros though of course being the god of love knew every thing there was need to know about love and women and.......sex X////D.

Even though that Loverboy now is 15 he still has alot of stuff to master before he can take his brothers place in becoming the god of love.

Note: Loverboys family tree and relations.
Brother: Eros (cupid)
sister: Diana (godess of hunt)
mother: venus
father: unnoun (might be zuse)
Loverboy at first was and still is based on one of my friends that we used to call loverboy, and from that I dared my self to start drawing loverboy (i was embarresed to be drawing some what of my friend at the time but discoverd they both are total two diffrent people)
my first story of him was that he was just a regualr boy but then i changed it and made him come out of a greek/roman mythology story of my own so in my little story he is the prince and next god of love after his brother Eros steps down. (I never wrote the story i just "write it" in my drawings of him)
he still though from my old story of "loverboy" Has a an orange long haired tabby cat that he calls misletoe and is his faithful sidekick.

I'll draw a few pictures of him with misletoe so you can see what he looks like ^w^
thank you
P.S i used a refrence from google you might be able to figure out which drawing i chose to base it off of, i still need to fix up but i wanted to get your oppinane on it.
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