Favorite Book/Comic Character Meme Picture

I find it interesting how little I've drawn of my favorite characters! And I have too many to fit on one Meme, so I split them up into categories. Here's my favorite book/comic book characters!

1. The Chosen- With a still very active fan base and wonderful stories, it's no wonder this boy under the cupboard would turn out to be number one
2. The Friend- Will do anything for his friends! Bonus points for furthering my love of Greek/Roman mythology
3. The Responsible- Because with great power…
4. The Mouth- I just knew he would have something to say about being the fourth one down
5. The Solver- So many puzzles to figure out on his quest, but with his friends, they can solve them all to find the true heir
6. The Shapeshifter- Even in the darkest times, he always tries for a smile
7. The Sarcastic- Seriously, I think his sarcasm knows no bounds (Honorable mention- John)
8. The Whelmed- Every incarnation and reboot of him just makes me love this character more
9. The Speedster- Quick feet and quick wit, can't help but love him
10. The Mother- Goes through so much in order to protect her family

Honorable Mentions:

11. The Surviver- Katniss Everdeen
12. The Priest- Nightcrawler with Gambit as the second favorite in the X-men series
13. The Homesick- Dorothy Gale
14. The Snarky- Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
15. The Searcher- Acheron from Inverlock

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