Ginkco's Medellion Picture

This would be the cover of the comic. The red line around it is the cut off line, where the page would be cropped if it was sent to an editor. I wrote the summary of how the medallion works in Egyptian in the background. I won't recommend translating it through because there is a lot of misspelling, do to me getting ahead of myself, and it doesn't read from left to right. But that the great thing about an ancient language people don't know what the hell they’re reading.

The story is about Randel, the guy. He's in his late teens and life pretty much sucks for him. And naturally, while hiding in the attic from his abusive step dad, he finds a portal that goes through time and space. He ends up in ancient tomb. It's kind of dark in there so while knock shit over he touches the Sacred Medallion of Ginkco. Instantly, the room fills with light as the medallion sucks a part of Randle's soul into it, releasing the great beast you see in the cover. After spending sometime running for his life away from the creature and trying to hit it with a stick, he finally comes to his senses that he controls the beast. And so he travels the land trying to figure out how to get back home with a happy silly flying fur ball.

I realize that gryphons are not in Egyptian mythology, they're Greek. But maybe the pharaoh got the medallion through his travels, hm? Did you think of that before posting that my concept is wrong, huh? lol

TRANSLATION: . . .hum. . .well, I left my translation back at home so I'm to summarize it. . . It says that the holder of the medallion has the power to dominant the world. And there's a creature that lays dormant and soulless inside the medallion. To waken someone has to give apart of themselves, and then the creature will arise with the same traits as the summoner. If it should fall into another's possession then the creature will alter to fit its new master. Beware, once summoned the medallion merges with the summoner. -End-

I know what you're thinking, "If it merges, then how can someone else take it?" That's for another issue.
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