The Usual Suspects 3: St. Ewan Picture

St. Ewan Diderot is one of my more recent characters. I got the idea for him after playing Riviera: The Promised Land. Here's a little background for those who haven't played it:

The Grim Angels are the warriors of the gods. They wield powerful weapons called Diviners, which appear to be made of pure energy. In order to obtain their Diviner, however, each Grim Angel has to give up something. The main character, Ein, gave up his wings in order to get his Diviner, the holy sword Einherjar. There are two other Grim Angels you meet in the game, but I won't reveal what they gave up...

Anyway, Ewan started out as my made-up Grim Angel. His weapon was a lightning sword called Tyr, since I was trying to keep the trend of using names from Norse mythology. In order to get Tyr, he gave up his sight, and I figured it would be cool for his hair to grow down over his eyes since he wouldn't need them.

Later, I decided I wanted to use Ewan for another medieval RP, since it seemed like everyone had a character who was at least half-demon, and there were almost no angels. His wings, previously night-black, became white. His weapon also changed, becoming somewhat reminiscent of Cloud's buster sword. Later, I decided that that was a little overkill, and simply made it a large greatsword. Although he technically didn't have to be blind any more, I decided that it added an interesting twist to RPing and kept it.

St. Ewan is currently defending a kingdom from a demon army. At some point during the battle, I plan for him to be defeated and lose most of his power, then begin some sort of quest to regain Heaven's favor.
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