Kansei Kitsune Picture

Now, many of you probably looking at this drawing and saying WTF! :3 It's a kitsune, a japanese fox with funky powers and several tails. This one happens to be one I roleplay. See, Kitsunes have fake names and real names, cus they only tell their real names to those they trust. The one above's fake name is Hadariko Kasui. His real name is Kansei Itsu. BUT SHHH. Kansei probably doesn't trust you people. o_o His fake name is random nonsense that sounds japanese to me, and Kasui means spike. Dun ask. xD Kansei Itsu means Complete peace. Sweet, no? Okie. Yes. Suckish drawing. It looks more wolfish then foxish, if it's canine looking in any way. I like the design on his tails, and the scar on his hip. If you couldn't tell, it's a Thunder Kitsune. I'm storm/bleach obsessed. Note: This is the first non-bleach thing I've drawn and put on dA. :3 So yar, comments, concerns, tips, whatever. I'd like to hear. Anyway I can possibly learn how to draw fox thingers better, the happier I am.
Also, sorry if it's not in the right category. x_X But it is a drawing thinger, sorta fantasy I guess, and it's a character of my own creation, and I did draw it on Adobe. o_o Btw, I FINALLY FIGURED OUT LAYERS. I used it on this drawing, actually. :3

Kitsunes (c) Japanese Mythology/Fantasy or wtfever.
Kansei Itsu (The character) (c) me
Kansei Itsu Hadariko Kasui (drawing) (c) me
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