Tsukiyomu Kaoru Picture

Drawn on: 6-1-10

His head's a little too big for his body, sorry.

Third Prince of Dreil Kingdom, Kaoru. He was the second of the brothers I designed; I knew from the start that Kaguya was only second oldest, but I didn't bother naming the eldest brother or making any details other than the fact that he was married until after I designed all three younger brothers. Again, I picked the name Kaoru just because I liked it, and then realized that I had both K names, and feminine ones at that (though I've seen Kaoru as a boy's name a little more--sometimes people act like it's normal, and sometimes the guy is teased, so I think it's still a girl's name, but not quite as in-your-face as Kaguya). So I decided to do the evil thing and stick with a theme. Kaoru is therefore the only one whose name is not connected with mythology; the youngest brother is Kiyo, after Kiyohime (again, a female character; I just chose her because the name started with a K), and the eldest is Kintarou (the only one named after a male figure).

Of the four, only Kintarou is still hazy in my mind. Of the younger three, Kaoru is probably the most masculine. Kaguya certainly isn't, but Kiyo, although he is a total player, relies on his "beauty" far more than Kaoru. Kaguya and Kiyo are the pretty ones; Kintarou and Kaoru are the ones you can actually tell are male. >.<
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