Takshon Picture

This is a character whom I've had for a while, but haven't posted. This is part of that RPG-type-thing that I talked about in my journal. More in-depth description to come, because I'm lazy about typing on my phone. Also a higher-quality scan.

This guy is a demon from Greco-Roman mythology. Don't worry, he's a good guy demon. His name is Takshon. (I actually had no clue how Greek it sounded when I came up with it.) I'm still trying to figure out what parts of his back story to retcon because in fifth grade I was a terrible storyteller. But I'm completely sure of the following:

Soupa strong by means of a magic artifact and working out.
Technically 164 years old, meant to look about 16-17
Is technically mortal, just lives a long time, due to his maternal grandmother being human

I'm less sure of the following:

Cape? Yea or nay?
Mother: died of old age or thrown in Tartarus for some bull**** reason?

I'd like your opinions on the cape part.

Beeteedubs, he's wearing a toga-tee. I invented that just for him. MUST FEEL GOOD, HAVING AN ITEM OF CLOTHING INVENTED FOR YOU, DOESN'T IT, TAK? YOU'RE FREAKING WELCOME.
I invented it for him because this is technically a redesign. I'm not sure if I want to show you my 5th grade art...

EDIT 2: This is embarrassing... I sorta kinda lost the original... on the plane home... so no high-quality scan... sorry...
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