Misc MOCs: Dragon of Abaddon (Bionicle version) Picture

With my Project Metru MOCs out of the way, I figured I'd show you one of my more massive creations to date. It is more-or-less a Bionicle version of this mythological beast I created known as the Dragon of Abaddon, and I feel I captures how terrifying it can be in this creation of mine. To give an idea of scale, when its wings are fully unfolded they span well over three feet.

Some brief lore about the beast:
"The Dragon of Abaddon was created eons ago to be an engine of pure destruction, and is fittingly nammed after its creator Abaddon the Grand God of Destruction. It is said that even Abaddon himself cannot control the beast, though considering his nature some believe he would rather let it run rampant anyway.

The Dragon of Abaddon was created as an 'Anti-Divinity', meaning its purpose is to hunt down and kill divine entities such as gods. Given how powerful this monstrosity is, it could easily perform this task while annihilating everything that stands in its way"

This MOC is actually not the first monstrosity of its kind that I created. People who know me as Tahu Metru13 from BZPower.com might remember a beast called Metru Overlord. Looking back, I could probably say that Metru Overlord was an early prototype of what this monstrosity has become. The second "uber-MOC" of mine was a large ship caled the Destiny Voyager. At first the Destiny Voyager was going to be a redesign of the Jetrax T6 from the Bionicle canon, but it eventually developed a life of its own as it went from being a several-meter long aircraft to a three-mile long starship. Unfortunately, I have no known pictures of the Destiny Voyager, and I have since mostly dissasembled it for spare parts. Unlike Metru Overlord and the Destiny Voyager, I have no plans to dissasemble this beast.

In addition to being a standalone MOC, this beast is also a representation of a form that Tahu Metru13 will assume at some point in my planned remake of my Bionicle comics; for me to say when and under what circumstances would be storyline spoilers, so I'll leave that part to your imagination.

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