Tizona Loam - Soldier Picture

After many years of wandering and searching, training and fighting, Tizona had come to the end of the VALLEY. On the cliffside near the outer wall that protected the CITY from the harsh northerly winds she met with the Skyfishers, a race of LESSER DEMON that hooked into their prey with barbs attacked to long sinewy strands and dragged them from the cliff. She avoided them like the plague and eventually came to her first true enemy of the CITY, a fat guardsman with an appetite for everything. When she was swallowed whole, she thought she'd died at first, but with a spear she found rotting in its gut she was able to dig her way from the beast's intestines. After reclothing herself with the armor of a dead watchmen she continued on. In the streets and hills of the city she was accosted by skeletal figures, resembling humans only at the shallowest level, but much more  powerful than the ZOMBIES from the outer reaches of the VALLEY. She disposed of them with the crumbling architecture of the city as her ally. At each gate of the city she met another DEMON guardsman. The Towering Knight she slew with its own weight. The Dueling Knight she slew with its own sword. Finally she came to meet an old DEMON. A being that hadn't seen combat in decades and blind. She tried to bypass it only to find that it could still track her by sound. After a long duel she laid the DEMON to rest. When the body died she retrieved a medallion from it. On the small, metal coin she found a surprising inscription. The DEMON she'd just killed was once the man known as the LOST HERO. A mythological being known for slaying DEMONS now reduced to this. Tizona couldn't help but feel hatred boil up again. Then she entered the final gate to face the final HIGH DEMON.
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