Universal Entity Picture

Here is my one and only alicorn OC, Universal Entity. Thing is, she did not start off as a My Little Pony character. She was a really large REAL alicorn in a dream of mine from a year ago. I was in space and I saw the beauty that was the Horsehead Nebula. Well suddenly, part of the nebula starts to move. It comes to find out it was the mane and tail of a massive alicorn like creature the size of who knows what! I was nothing but an atom compared to her. She flapped her wings and it gave birth to stars.
It was gorgeous!
I translated that into My Little Pony. And how I see it, the Universal Entity as I called her in the dream, would be nothing more than a mythological figure to ancient ponies who had not known of Luna and Celestia's existence. However, they knew Alicorns were godlike.
Each ancient pony's story is different. One tribe of ancient ponies tell that she was the first pony to ever exist. She was a wanderer of a dark plane of existence. She one day flapped her wings and that birthed the stars. Another ancient pony tribe told a tale of her being the child of a star and she set forth to create planets to spread life. Many other stories of the ancient past have been told, but none could confirm if these stories had any truth to them or were the early ponies' explanations of heavens above.
P.S. that red speck by her hoof? That's Cherry Cola! She's gigantic! Though I can't put her to scale. Cherry would be more of a red pixel compared.
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