Asim and Sagira Picture

A few months back I took an intrest in egyptian mythology, and thats where i got the idea for these two. I tried to use some of the fact's based off of the actual Anubis and Sphinx, but I probably pulled away from that a little more then I thought lol

Also, they might look a little odd, as I had to draw them on seprate pieces of paper and go through the trouble of resizing them and everything

Roughly 4200 year's ago in the city of Hel-tus-nesu, King Tjaug summoned a deity from the otherworld to protect him, for he feared for his own life on the throne. The ritural brought forth an Anubis from the other realm. Known for being a god of death, this Anubis stood at an intiminating height of 8'2 with a muscular yet lean body. He was covered in black fur from head to toe, and his glowing yellow eyes pierced the darkness. The Anubis had heard of otherworldly resedents being called to the human world for various reason's, but this was his first time being summoned. While he did not mind being called, he was a little annoyed when he was told what his job would be. While Tjaug was a King, the land he ruled over was rather small. Hel-tus-neso was a smaller city in a far and very isolated corner of the desert. And the chances of someone assassinating Tjaug for his place on the throne where very small. But the Anubis agreed to take on the task. A little surprised, King Tjaug asked the creatre what it's name was. The Anubis replied that he didn't have one, going by a multitude of names from different people. Tjuag took this chance to offically deem him as Asim, which ment "Protector". From that day on Asim stood within the throne room by the King's side for day's on end, standing watch. He was confident that with his palace full of guard's along with Asim's power, he would rule his land for many year's to come. And he did. Day's turned into months, and month's turned into year's. Before Asim knew it King Tjaug was on his death bed. His son, Prince Ryrth, would take the throne in his stead. With the King dead Asim was no longer obligated to stay. But he did, to protect the next ruler of Hel-tus-neso. During his year's in the human world he had begun to grow font of this small city in the far corner of a vast desert. Even the common folk had grown used to seeing him, as he escorted the King whenever he went out. nd jus tlike he had done with Tjaug, Asim protected his son and every successor afterward, with only so much as a handful of bandit's attempting to take the life of the King. After a very long period of time had passed, roughly 4150 years, he caught wind of how other places in the world had modernized extensively. But the city he watched over so carefully was so closed off from the world, King's still continued to rule it. Asim had made the desion to guard this place until he was incapable of doing so any longer. Unfortunally his plan's would soon be changed.

One quiet morning Asim was making his way to the throne for his daily duty's, when he saw the body of a dead palace guard. Taking a quick look at the body he discovered that the man's soul had been sucked from his body. Advancing further into the palace revealed more of the same. Every person he came across had their soul's sucked from their bodies. When he made it to the throne room he saw the current King sitting slumped over on his throne. He was to late. And standing next to the throne was an excat copy of himself. Not knowing who this imposter was, Asim launched an attack at the fake. Despite his great physical strength, skill and magic, Asim ended up losing. Leaning against his staff he watched the clone escape out into the streets, in view of the enitre city. It didn't take long for the new's of the King's death to get out. Along with it, his new title as a traitor and murder. The people of Hel-tus-neso quickly turned on him and blamed him for the King's death. He tried to explain himself, but they wouldn't listen. Not wanting to kill any of the people he had grown so fond of, he ran away. Unfortunally he wasn't sure how to get himself back to his own realm. Leaving the city behind Asim began crossing the desert, in search of the monster who had framed him so he could redeem himself. A year after he left Hel-tus-neso Asim was still traveling the desert, avoiding towns, cities and other settlements when nesseary. His travels brought him to the ruins of an acient town that had been destoried long ago. As he passed by it, a large creature blocked his path. A Sphinx. A large creature with the lower body of a loin, the upperbody of a human, and large bird wings. THis perticular one was female. She had long hair that was a mix of blonde and brown, and clear blue eyes with dark blue markings encircling them. The fur on her lower body was a lighter shade of brown. As tall as he was the Sphinx stood much taller. On all fours she stood at least 15 feet tall, and roughly 35 feet in length. Standing in his path she asked him a riddle, expecting him to answer should he want passage. Not wanting to waste time with her, he simply refused to answer and tried to go around her. Of course he knew what the pentely for this was. The Sphinx attacked him furiously, but ended up losing to him. Weakened from his attack she demanded that he finish her off, not wating to live after failing at her purpose in life. As he had guess, she was rather young, compared to him. roughly only around 1000 years old as she ended up telling him. Asim refused to do so, saying there was no point in killing her over something like that. After demanding he give her an answer for his actions, he simply replied that she could come along if she wanted to find out. After some obvious thought, she decided to follow him. At that point he deemed her Sagira, which means "Little One". Clearly upset by the name she demanded to know why he called her such a thing. His reply was simply " Size doesnt matter. My experience reaches far beyond the farthest reaches of your own".

The two of them spent the next 49 years traveling together and had actually grown quite close to each other. Sagira had decided quite some time ago that she would help Asim find the man that framed him, in return for him taking her in. During their travels across a forein desert, they came across a small settlement that was under the attack of a large group of bandits. While the towns folk where fighting back, they where quickly losing. Joining the frey, the bandit's quickly fell at the hand's of the two. During the battle Asim noticed one girl stand out among the others. And after all was said and done, that same girl approched them and thanked them for saving their town. The girl was named Catarina. When she asked if there was anything she could do to repay them, they simply asked for directions to the quickest way out of the desert. Not onl did she direct them, but she guided them out. This took a couple of days, and she had grown fond of them in that time. Catarina had always wanted to see more of the world beyond the desert and the settlements nearby just outside the desert's reach. Asking if she could follow them, at least for now, they agreed to let her come along. She turned out to be quite helpful, explaining things about modern techonlogy they didnt understand and actully being quite a capable mechanic herself. Not to much longer after that, they met a rather strange girl living by herself out in the deepest of forests. She seemed scared of the small group, and didn't want them getting to close to them. It didn't take sim long to figure out why. Sensing the presence of another being inside her body, he confronted her about it. Shyly, the girl admited to having a parasite implanted in her body, and that she was afraid to get to close to others for this reason. Not being put off by the parasite Asim asked if there was anything they could do to help. At Catarina's suggestion, the girl only needed some friends. And with that they decided to take the girl along with her, despite her hesatiation. The girls name was Lilliana, and her parasite went by the name Lucifer. Happy to finally have some friends who werent scared of her, she agreed to help the group in their goal to help Asim catch his dobbleganger.

Promising to protect these people, Asim continued his travels in search of answer's, now with the aid of some close friends
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