And that's how the Internet was made! Picture

LONG AS HECK DESCRIPTION BECAUSE UGH. I AM NOT A CONCISE WRITER ANYMORE. I NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE SCANNER PART TO MY PRINTER. or stop writing/drawing so small. Or something. Also, the last two bits are not even close to good because all my pencils have finally died on me... I guess glazing got the best of the mechanical one I was using because it's finally dead now too. But basically, the dialogue goes like this, if it's too hard to read in the picture.
"Um, I was just about to close up. What do you need?"
*pant cough* "I just woke up, I hoped I wouldn't be too late!"
"Late? For what?"
"I NEED that book on obscure unicorn history."
-perturbed Twilight face- "WUT."
"Uh.. Okay."
"I'm DONE but I need your book on Pegasus Architecture. ANCIENT. PEGASUS. ARCHITECTURE! FAST! HURRRYYY!!"
"Um. Last one. Promise."
"TWRRLERRRT!!!" (it's a pen in her mouth.)
-Spike and le epic poker face-
"Hehe... Never mind."

"Dear Princess Celestia, I've invented the Internet.
Every book in Equestria will be magically copied, the copies will be put into a magical device which will live in Canterlot, and that magical device will broadcast them out for everypony with a similar device to read. And they will be able to discuss it too, by dictating opinions into a recorder, which will translate dictations into written 'comments' on what would be the back cover of a real book. And, even better, ponies can put their own work in it, and use it to communicate all over the world! That way nopony will come to me at four in the morning for books about Zebra mythology and Ancient Pegasus Architecture anymore! It's brilliant!"
*a few months later*
"Dear Princess Celestia,
What have I done... There's nothing. Nothing but cats and cute furry animals with writing on the pictures. I can't even find the books anymore..."
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