This is my contempt face, lady Picture

Ahahaha I love when I fall asleep right after doodling in my big sketchbook.
Nothing beats seeing a 11x14 falling-apart-sketchbook snuggling up to you first thing in the morning, nothing.

Anywho I'm going to start giving long and short versions of my comments.

Short version:
A sketch of the character Evelyn (from a storyline I'm developing) being dumbfounded by the old lady at the bus stop she goes to everyday.

Long version:
I love green ink it's yummy. Yummy yummy. I know that you can't sniff acid... well if you can I've never heard about that. The granny doesn't have a name... I should give her one maybe make her a character... but I like her just being there.
There's so many people that are like that, they're just there. You never know their name, anything about them except they sometimes talk to you...
either way life wouldn't be the same if they weren't there.

Someone who is a character though is Evelyn! Who looks big headed and slightly constipated right now... oh my.

Yeah I'm thinking I'm going to try to make a webcomic sometime in the latter half of the year (for now I'm sketching and writing) with a story I've been tooling with on and off for a good... damn I think for a good year and a half now.

I like how this is the first official sketchy image I've made towards the story. And the fact that it doesn't include Loki whatsoever.

Arrr mateys the story has my favorite mythological figure in it.

And if that's a red flag to y'all I don't mind. I'm gonna do this sucker of a story for moi muahaha.

(p.s. I know the perspective is all helter skleter but honestly I just wanted to doodle Ev being harrassed by a grumpy old lady.)
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