mlp mane six body headcanon Picture

So I decided to draw a reference for myself because I'm really inconsistent about how I draw the mane six.

Applejack- I think everyone can agree that she'd be the tallest of the mane six. She's muscular because she works all day as a farmer. She's southern American, but of Scandinavian descent.

Fluttershy- She'd have an hourglass figure because she was a model in green isn't your color and most models have boobs and she'd probably have motherly hips, being a caretaker (for animals). She's Greek, because that's where the Pegasus myth came from, and maybe a bit of Japanese because she's a yellow pony and because of stereotypes.

Rarity- she'd be kinda thin because she is the one most likely to follow the "thin is good" idea the media preaches, but not too thin because she wants curves like fluttershy. Unfortunately for her the fat doesn't go to her boobs. She'd be of British descent because she is a white pony, so she'd be a white human, and a lot of unicorn mythology comes from Britain I think.

Twilight- She'd be pear shaped because those hamburgers (from twilight time) have to go somewhere. She'd be short because applejack described her as a little pony in winter wrap up. She'd be Indian because it fit her fur and mane as a pony, her eyes look kinda Indian, and Indians are stereotypically geeks (although that doesn't really affect my choice because it's just a stereotype).

Rainbow dash- She'd be athletic because do I really need to explain? She's short because pony rd is really fast, so I think she'd be a sprinter as a human and most sprinters are short. Since people don't seem to understand this, she has a small chest because exercise burns fat, and running with DDs hurts. Greek because Pegasus mythology, but a lot more tan than fluttershy because she's outside a lot more.

Pinkie Pie- She's kinda short because my mind interpreted her that way and her equestria girls counterpart is shorter than the rest of the mane six. She's kinda chubby because she eats a lot of candy. She is Italian.
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