Default Guy Picture

So, in case you wondered, this is the "infamous" Default Guy. Who is this mysterious young man, you ask? Well, I've never been so great at drawing guys, so a year or two ago I figured that perhaps, if I could draw one guy really well, I might be able to vary the one drawing enough to create a bunch of different guys. That never really worked out. I've been drawing him a lot recently, and I'm not sure why, aside from the fact that I love him Pygmalion-style (Mythology reference, Google it.), and he's a nice break from my usual mindless doodling and female figure drawing.

I'm not sure whether or not I intend to go anywhere with the character, but I have decided that he's a total dork (I love dorks) and likes math and some type of art (I'll probably go with photography on that one). His name was Alex for a while, but then I decided it didn't really suit him, so until someone comes up with something better, he shall remain Default Guy. For the record, he also doesn't look like my friend Leah's (poorly represented here [link] )brother (this lovely little disclaimer is simply here because she's crazy and refuses to believe me).

May get scrapped later. Not the highest quality drawing I've ever done.
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